Horse Training Through Technology

No high cost associated with horse and owner transportation, trailer lease, lodging and meals, training and clinic fees required for many national providers.  We use technology to close the distance gap.  We interview you to clearly understand your issues on a case by case basis.  Either via phone, email or video depending on your specific needs and the depth of your inquiry.

Each breed, lineage and individual horse is different in both subtle and obvious ways.  Every horse should be evaluated, understood and trained according to specifications.

Your horse is special and unique in his/her own right and that individuality requires a specific "HorseFormula".  This is precisely what our concept provides.  

Whether your horse is a yearling, mid-aged or a bit older or whether their past is one of abuse or hopefully love and care or whether behavioral problems exist each horse is distinct and deserves the understanding and development of their own formula.

DISTINCT                    DEVELOP                      DELIVER

Each horse is DISTINCT and deserves a unique DEVELOPMENT formula that DELIVERS results